Vincent Counseling
Over the last 30 years, Adrianne Vincent's wide base of experience and expansive approach to care has allowed her to provide holistic support to those in need. Adrianne integrates multiple modalities of healing to offer care suited for individuals and groups. With training in diverse therapeutic methods, she offers her clients a comprehensive, experiential approach to healing through both verbal and movement therapy.
“When I was crumbling with my known world falling away, Adrianne put me on her table, reminding me that the truth was in my body. My body could survive and thrive if I was willing to listen to the details in my breath, my tears and my bones. She taught me to listen before I knew what Somatics was. She is a wonderfully honest, funny, intelligent and somatically solid healer. It was my privilege to work with her. I am now thriving."

Vincent Counseling is a practice which focuses on cultivating a capacity to face life's challenges, reconnecting to one's innermost self, and establishing balance and peace of mind. Short-term and long-term support through verbal therapy is provided to individuals or groups who face a diversity of challenges. Adrianne specializes in working with death and bereavement, career, and life-path related difficulties though clients are welcome to address other issues.
Clients may also choose to incorporate bodywork or movement therapy into their verbal sessions. Adrianne is trained in and offers Craniosacral Therapy, Lomi Bodywork, and Somatic Experiencing™. These therapeutic modalities work to reconnect clients to their bodies in order to dissipate mental and physical symptoms of trauma, stress, fear and anxiety. Her years of study in Aikido, Continuum Movement™, Capoeira, Iyengar Yoga, ballet, and modern dance deeply influence her approach to healing and her understanding of the relationship between the psychological and the physical.
Craniosacral therapy is a form of gentle touch bodywork which releases tension by supporting the regulation of cerebral spinal fluid and the harmonization of the central nervous system. Stresses we endure on a daily basis can be absorbed into our tissues and muscles causing systemic dysfunction, pain, and stress. In a typical Craniosacral session, the client lies on the table and the practitioner cradles the client's head or feet while carefully attending to the movement of fluid within the body. Light touch is then applied to restore and maintain balance where it is needed.
Somatic Experiencing™ is a psychobiological approach to treating symptoms of trauma. As developed by Dr. Peter Levine, Somatic Experiencing™ is a gentle and effective way to discover and reconfigure innate response mechanisms. These mechanisms known as fight, flight, freeze, and collapse can manifest physically and psychologically, affecting our well-being and impeding our ability to move forward. In a Somatic Experiencing™ session, the clinician guides the client to observe and track relationships between psychological states and bodily sensations. Clients can choose to work from a seated or lying down position, with eyes closed or open. Throughout the session, the practitioner supports the client to cultivate awareness and insight into arising sensations as they may relate to previous trauma.
Lomi Bodywork incorporates deep-tissue massage, classic Rolfing techniques, Polarity and Gestalt therapies, and Vipassana meditation. It focuses on the connection and integration of the spiritual, emotional and physical primarily through touch and movement. Lomi Bodywork helps to dissipate blockage, encourage deeper connection, and open the flow of energy in the body to allow clients to embrace fullness of being. In a typical Lomi Bodywork session clients may work seated, on the table, or in movement exploration as the practitioner guides them to attend to their breath and bodily sensation. Mindfulness techniques are provided to encourage the cultivation of fearlessness, courage, and strength.
The Diamond Approach, as developed by A.H. Almaas, is a non-denominational path of personal inquiry, realization and contemplative practice. Synthesizing modern depth psychology and premodern philosophical and religious teachings, the Diamond Approach provides methods for cultivating self-awareness, deepening perception, and experiencing freedom through recognizing the intersection between spiritual and psychological realms of experience. The Diamond Approach influences Adrianne's verbal and movement therapeutic modalities.
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